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Corporate Postcard Gift Program - click to enlarge

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Corporate Gift Purchase Program

The Corporate Discount Program extends a 10% discount to Companies and Organizations who will likely purchase 250 or more Postcards per year, but need the flexibility of placing orders as you need them.

How The Program Works
  • Phone 800-285-1880 to sign up for the program.
  • The approval process is fast and easy.
  • There is no charge to join the program.
  • We will issue your Corporate Discount Code after you place orders totaling $100. The discount does not apply to your first order.
  • You need to keep a copy of the Code for future use.
  • You MAY publish / share the Discount Code on any internal company web sites (or other relevant literature) to ensure all employees have access to the special pricing.
  • Employees may use the code for BOTH business and personal purchases.
Program Rules
  • All active employees of the Company or Organization are eligible
  • Purchases must be made online at
  • Purchases must be made via credit card
  • The Discount Code must be entered during the checkout process
  • The Discount will be applied to the current advertised list price for the applicable items. ( The discount does not apply to shipping or taxes.
  • The program is subject to changes or termination at any time

Phone 1-800-285-1880 or Email Us

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