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Wholesale Postcards

If you operate a Gift Basket Business or Souvenir Shop,
and would like to expand your product line, we can help.

Select from over 1,000 Fun & Unique Postcards with City & State Themes:
    We Can Save You Time! - We help you avoid researching dozens of vendors, establishing multiple vendor accounts, and managing multiple vendor orders.

    We Can Save You Money! - We help you avoid paying extra for shipping from multiple vendors and avoid "over ordering" to meet multiple vendor minimums.

How to Set up a Wholesale Account
  • Initial Set-up - Fax a copy of your reseller license with a letter summarizing the following:
    • Contact Name
    • Company Name & Shipping Address
    • Contact Phone, Email, and Fax
    • Resale ID # (without your reseller license, we will need to add sales tax to your order)

    • Fax to: Wholesale Account Set-up, 800-285-1880
      We will contact you via phone or email with instructions for placing your first order. If you need to place an order today, phone 800-285-1880 so we can expedite your set-up.

  • Placing an Order - Visit to review our products.
    • You will need to place your first order via phone or fax.
    • You can place follow-up orders via phone, fax, or online (we will set up a special discount code for you to use online).

  • Prices & Discounts
    • Most of our products have quantity discounts ranging from 10 - 40% off the suggested retail price. Even if you only order a few items at a time, you will qualify for our standard volume discounts.

    • Initial Order - You will need to place your first order via phone.

    • Other Discounts - You cannot apply any other discounts or coupons to your order.

    • Payment - We accept all major credit cards. Please note the order confirmation will include sales tax for shipments to Virginia - the tax will be removed from the invoice prior to charging your card.

    • Minimum Purchase - There is no minimum purchase.

    • Shipping - Small orders (quantities up to 10 per item) usually ship within 1 - 2 business days. Allow 1 - 2 weeks for larger shipments. We will hold your shipment until all items are available to ship unless you request otherwise. Most orders are shipped via UPS. If you have a UPS shipping account, we can arrange to charge shipping direct to your account.

    • Samples - If you need a sample of a Postcard, you can purchase these online, before or after setting up your account. Since most items do not have a minimum order requirement, you can easily buy one or more item for review.

    • Returns - Sorry, but we cannot accept returns.

Phone 1-800-285-1880 or Email Us

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