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Wine Trivia Cards - click to enlarge

Wine Trivia Cards

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Expand your knowledge of wine regions, terminology, and concepts with this fun set of cards!

This item consists of 48 cards measuring 3.5" x 4" (a standard deck of playing cards measures 2" x 3.5").

Each card features a question on one side and the answers on the other side. Topics include wine varietals, wine regions, wine terminology, and wine tasting concepts.

So you think you know a little bit about wine? Well, there’s a whole lot more to crushed grapes than Pouilly-Fuissé, Gamay, and Beaujolais. For starters, there are bin numbers, Brix, and Botrytis cinerea to consider. Not to mention the origin of the custom of clinking glasses, the five crucial factors that give life to fine wine, and, of course, knowing which country consumes the lion’s share of Port. Presented in an entertaining and educational question-and-answer format on the fronts and backs of the enclosed cards, this portable (and potable) enology course will quickly fortify your wine IQ.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, think of how formidable you’ll be after you think (and, perhaps, drink) your way through this deck of 48 What Do You Know About Wine? Knowledge Cards. And, as always: please think responsibly.

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